Sora Shin, Eun Hea Jho*, HyunJu Park, Sungjong Lee, Joon Ha Kim

"Potassium Recovery from Potassium Solution and Seawater Using Different Adsorbents", Applied sciences(2021), 11(18), 8660


Sung Ho Chae, Joon Ha Kim*

"Theoretical analysis of a mathematical relation between driving pressures in membrane-based desalting processes", Membranes(2021), 11(3), 220


Heewon Jeong, Bumjo Kim, Joon Ha Kim, Sung Ju Yi, Jong Doo Kim and Seo Jin Ki*

"Comparing watershed management strategies at different spatial scales under future climate scenarios using SWAT", Desalination and Water Treatment(2021), 219, 413-422


Sung Ho Chae, Joon Ha Kim*,

"A forecast for the environmental effect of pressure-retarded osmosis on CO2 emissions from seawater reverse osmosis in Korea: a scenario-based study", Desalination and Water Treatment(2021), 219, 405-412

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