15.(Seung Joon Kim et al.,2008)_a.pdf

Seung Joon Kim; Young Geun Lee; Kyung Hwa Cho; Young Mi Kim; Seokho Choi; In S. Kim; Dae Ryook Yang; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Site-specific raw seawater quality impact study on SWRO process for optimizing operation of the pressurized step”, Desalination(2009), 238(1-3), 140-157

14.(Suhan Kim et al., 2008)_a.pdf

Suhan Kim; Dongin Cho; Min-Soo Lee; Byung Soo Oh; Joon Ha Kim; In S. Kim*,

“SEAHERO R&D program and key strategies for the scale-up of a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) system”, Desalination(2009), 238(1-3), 1-9

13.(Noeon Park et al., 2008)_a.pdf 

Noeon Park; Joon Ha Kim; Jaeweon Cho*,

“Organic matter, anion, and metal wastewater treatment in Damyang surface-flow constructed wetlands in Korea”, Ecological Engineering(2008), 32(1), 68-71

12.(Jungwoo Kim et al., 2008)_a.pdf

Jung-Woo Kim; Seo Jin Ki; Jihee Moon; Sung Keun Yoo; Anna Ryu; Jongho Won; Heechul Choi; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Mass Load-Based Pollution Management of the Han River and Its Tributaries, Korea”, Environmental Management(2008), 41(1), 12-19

11.(Junho Jeon et al., 2008)_a.pdf

Junho Jeon, Joon Ha Kim, Byung Cheun Lee, and Sang Don Kim*,

“Development of a new biomonitoring method to detect the abnormal activity of Daphnia magna using automated Grid Counter device”, Science of Total Environment(2008), 389(2-3), 545-556

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