59.(Ha Na Yoo et al., 2010)_a.pdf 

Ha Na Yoo; Seo Jin Ki; Joo-Hyon Kang; Young-Sik Ham; Sung Min Cha; Seung Won Lee; Seung Yoon Lee; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Occurrence of Antibiotic Resistant E. coli in Surface Water: A Study in a Typical Urban Watershed, Korea”, Water Practice & Technology(2010), 5(3), wpt2010056

58.(Tatsuya Unno et al., 2010)_a.pdf

Tatsuya Unno; Jeonghwan Jang; Dukki Han; Joon Ha Kim; Michael J. Sadowsky; Ok-sun Kim; Jongsik Chun; Hor-Gil Hur*,

“Use of Barcoded Pyrosequencing and Shared OTUs To Determine Sources of Fecal Bacteria in Watersheds”, Environmental Science & Technology(2010), 44(20), 7777-7782