66.(Suhan Kim et al., 2011)_a.pdf

Suhan Kim; Byung Soo Oh; Moon-Hyun Hwang; Seungkwan Hong; Joon Ha Kim; Sangho Lee; In S. Kim*,

“An ambitious step to the future desalination technology: SEAHERO R&D program (2007–2012)”, Applied Water Science(2011), 1(1-2), 11-17

65.(Kyung Hwa Cho et al., 2011)_a.pdf

Kyung Hwa Cho, Suthipong Sthiannopkao, Yakov, A. Pachepsky, Kyoung-Woong Kim, and Joon Ha Kim*,

“Prediction of contamination potential of groundwater arsenic in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand using artificial neural network”, Water Research(2011), 45(17), 5535-5544

64.(B. Gu et al., 2011)_a.pdf

B. Gu; D. Y. Kim; J. H. Kim; D. R. Yang*,

“Mathematical Model of Flat Sheet Membrane Modules for FO Process: Plate-and-frame module and Spiral-wound module”, Journal of Membrane Science(2011), 379(1-2), 403-415

63.(Jeonghwan Jang et al., 2011)_a.pdf

Jeonghwan Jang; Tatsuya Unno; Seung Won Lee; Kyung Hwa Cho; Michael J. Sadowsky; Joon Ha Kim*; Hor-Gil Hur*,

“Prevalence of season-specific Escherichia coli strains in the Yeongsan River Basin of South Korea”, Environmental Microbiology(2011), 13(12), 3103-3113

62.(Seo Jin Ki et al., 2011)_a.pdf

Seo Jin Ki; Joo-Hyon Kang; Seung Won Lee; Yun Seok Lee; Kyung Hwa Cho; Kwang-Guk An; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Advancing assessment and design of stormwater monitoring programs using a self-organizing map: Characterization of trace metal concentration profiles in stormwater runoff”, Water Research(2011), 45(14), 4183-4197

61.(Da Hee Jung et al., 2011)_a.pdf

Da Hee Jung; Jijung Lee; Do Yeon Kim; Young Geun Lee; Minkyu Park; Sangho Lee; Dae Ryook Yang; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Simulation of Forward Osmosis Membrane Process: Effect of Membrane Orientation and Flow Direction of Feed and Draw Solutions”, Desalination(2011), 277(1-3), 83-91

60.(Minkyu Park et al., 2011)_a.pdf

Minkyu Park; Ji Jung Lee; Sangho Lee; and Joon Ha Kim*,

“Determination of a constant membrane structure parameter in forward osmosis processes”, Journal of Membrane Science(2011), 375(1-2), 241–248

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