90.(Seung Won Lee et al., 2014)_a.pdf

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89.(Sung Min Cha et al, 2014)_a.pdf

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88.(Jinhee Choi et al., 2014)_a.pdf

Jinhee Choi; Wooyeol Choi; Hyunjung Kim; Aamir Alaud-din; Kyung Hwa Cho; Joon Ha Kim; Hyuk Lim; Robert W. Lovitt; In Seop Chang*,

“Fluorescence imaging for biofoulants detection and monitoring of biofouled strength in reverse osmosis membrane”, Analytical Methods(2014), 6, 993-1000

87.(Seungjae Oh et al., 2014)_a.pdf

Seungjae Oh; Minkyu Park; Joon Ha Kim*; Semyung Wang*,

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86.(Yongeun Park et al., 2014)_a.pdf

Yongeun Park; Kyung Hwa Cho; Joo-Hyon Kang; Seung Won Lee; Joon Ha Kim*,

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