112.(YoouKyung Cha et al.,2016)_a.pdf

Yoonkyung Cha; Mi-Hyun Park; Sang-Hyup Lee; Joon Ha Kim**; Kyung Hwa Cho*,

“Modeling spatiotemporal bacterial variability with meteorological and watershed land-use characteristics”, Water Research(2016), 100, 306-315

111.(Seo Jin Ki et al.,2016)_a.pdf

Seo Jin Ki; Dong Jin Jeon; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Influence of spatial resolution of radar images on the parameterization and performance of SWAT model”, Desalination and Water Treatment(2016), 57(57), 27548-27556

110.(Seo Jin Ki et al., 2016)_a.pdf

Seo Jin Ki Jihwan Park; Yongeun Park; Dong Jin Jeon; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Developing statistical models for estimating chlorophyll-a and total suspended solid levels at an estuarine reservoir with nutrient inputs from satellite observations”, Desalination and Water Treatment(2016), 57(57), 27587-27600

109.(Jihye Kim et al., 2016)_a.pdf

Jihye Kim; Myoung Jun Park; Minkyu Park; Ho Kyong Shon; Seung-Hyun Kim; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Influence of colloidal fouling on pressure retarded osmosis”, Desalination(2016), 389, 207-214

108.(Kyung Hwa Cho et al.,2016)_a.pdf

Kyung Hwa Cho; Yakov A. Pachepsky; Minjeong Kim; JongCheol Pho; Mi-Hyun Park; Young Mo Kim; Jung-Woo Kim; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Modeling seasonal variability of fecal coliform in natural surface waters using the modified SWAT”, Journal of Hydrology(2016), 535, 377-385

107.(Sung Min Cha et al.,2016)_a.pdf

Sung Min Cha; Seung Won Lee; Kyung Hwa Cho; Sun Hong Lee; Joon Ha Kim,

“Determination of best management timing of nonpoint source pollutants using particle bins and dimensionless time in a single stormwater runoff event”, Ecological Engineering(2016), 90, 251-260

106.(Moon Son et al., 2016)_a.pdf

Moon Son; Hosik Park; Lei Liu; Hyeongyu Choi; Joon Ha Kim; Heechul Choi*,

“Thin-film nanocomposite membrane with CNT positioning in support layer for energy harvesting from saline water”, Chemical Engineering Journal(2016), 284, 68-77

105.(Jihye Kim et al., 2016)_a.pdf

Jihye Kim; Minkyu Park; Ho Kyong Shon; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Performance analysis of reverse osmosis, membrane distillation, and pressure-retarded osmosis hybrid processes”, Desalination(2016), 380, 85-92

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