125.(Sung Ho Chae et al.,2018)_a.pdf

Sung Ho Chae; Jangwon Seo; Jihye Kim; Young Mi Kim; Joon Ha Kim*,

“A simulation study with a new performance index for pressure-retarded osmosis processes hybridized with seawater reverse osmosis and membrane distillation”, Desalination(2018), 444, 118-128

124.(Edward Jolejole et al.,2018)_a.pdf

Mark Edward Jolejole; Bum Jo Kim; Dong Jin Jeon; Mylene Cayetano; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Scenario study of the effect of different land use to a sub-basin in Yeongsan River basin using SWAT model”, Desalination and Water Treatment(2018), 120, 198-204

123.(Bumjo Kim et al.,2018)_a.pdf

Bumjo Kim; Seo Jin Ki; Dong Jin Jeon; Joon Ha Kim*,

“Statistical approach to developing screening models for pipe failure envents in water network systems”, Desalination and Water Treatment(2018), 120, 190-197

122.(Dong Jin Jeon et al.,2018)_a.pdf

Dong Jin Jeon; Seo Jin Ki; YoonKyung Cha; Yongeun Park; Joon Ha Kim*,

“New methodology of evaluation of best management practices performances for an agricultural watershed according to the climate change scenarios: A hybrid use of deterministic and decision support models”, Ecological Engineering(2018), 119, 73-83

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